Implementation of 2/3G controls at KIT

Based on the Corona Ordinance Study Operation § 6 paragraph 2 of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg in conjunction with the Regulation on KIT Service Operation in Times of the SARS-CoV-2 (Corona Virus) Pandemic , Annex 9.11 paragraph 5, proof of individual 2/3G status for classroom teaching under 3G conditions can be implemented at KIT via the KIT Card. In this way, the entitlement to attend a course is checked by means of the KIT Card with simultaneous logging in for contact tracking in KONKIT.

The central registration stations

At central registration stations, the fulfilment of the 2/3G status can be checked voluntarily in the self-service procedure and the result can be written on the KIT Card; there is no central storage. In the case of vaccination and recovery, this is done once for the duration of the certificate's validity; in the case of antigen testing, this must be re-entered regularly.
To do this, the KIT card is first placed on a card reader and the QR codes of the vaccination, convalescent certificates are read. The expiry date of the registered 2/3G status is written together with the registration date into an already existing app on the KIT card. This app can only be read with a key, the record itself is also encrypted. The "G status" itself is not stored on the KIT card or recorded by KIT, only its expiry date.

ATTENTION: Due to the changes in the Corona Ordinance Study Operation from 24.11.2021, the registration of 3G/2G status on the KIT Card has been changed to 2G check. Test certificates and certificates of vaccinated and convalescents with an expiry date of less than two days will be rejected.

Central registration stations can be found here

Access to centrally administered rooms for courses

In centrally administered rooms for courses, which are equipped with a "KONKIT-Box", the registration of the students takes place by a short check-in via KIT-Card, whereby the fulfilment of the 2/3G status is also technically checked on the basis of the storage on the card.

In the process, the expiry date of the registered 2/3G status is read out. If the expiry date is in the future compared to the current date, the validity of the certificate is indicated by sound and light signals; the type of "G status" cannot be identified.