Here's how it works...

Centrally managed rooms for courses are equipped with a poster on the Corona Rules of Conduct. These posters contain a QR code for contact data collection of attendees. In addition, there are "KONKIT boxes" at the entrances of central lecture halls where registration/check-in by KIT card is possible. In both cases, check-out takes place automatically at the end of courses or event blocks.

... by KIT-Card

The KONKIT boxes are equipped with a reader that registers the identification of a KIT-Card held in front of the box and confirms this registration with a signal. In addition to the identification of the card, the box number and the time are stored centrally in the KIT and deleted after four weeks in accordance with the Corona Ordinance.

  • If the LED in the KONKIT box flashes green and you hear two beeps, the registration/check-in was successful.
  • If the LED in the KONKIT box flashes blue and you hear four beeps, the registration/check-in and 3G controls was successful.

... by mobile phone / QR code

As an alternative to registration by KIT-Card, either the QR code of the KONKIT box or the poster can be scanned.

This will call up a web page with a registration form where the KIT account or - alternatively by clicking on the button"register as guest" - the own contact data (according to CoronaVO) can be registered.

When registering via QR Code, the place, time and the data entered are stored centrally in the KIT (in accordance with CoronaVO) and deleted after four weeks. If the registration was made via KIT account, the contact data required according to CoronaVO will only be deleted in the context of a contact tracking request.

The voluntary option during data entry "Save registration data in browser" saves the entered contact data as well as the ID/date of the last check-in in the local browser on the mobile device and enables a pre-filled form or check-out for follow-up bookings.

Further information can be found in the FAQ about the Coronavirus.

Poster with QR code for event rooms

For the decentrally managed rooms, posters with QR codes can be downloaded and displayed by the event managers. Posters with QR codes can only be printed for events managed in Campus Management and their event rooms! They are only available for rooms in which events are held that are maintained as courses in Campus Management and whose dates are linked to rooms.